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My favorite invisible thread is Fil-tec Essence. It's much thinner than Superior Monopoly and easy to work with. The price is great for a cone. If you have Monopoly on hand, give it a try and you'll like it fine.


For invisible thread, I set my bobbins a bit looser (15 or 150 on the Towa gauge) and the top tension is adjusted until when the thread is pulled through the needle, it doesn't curl when it's released. This means you can see light between the disks!


As for bobbin thread matching? You'll have a better result with something in the bobbin (like BottomLine or even cotton) which has some texture the slick invisible thread can grab. Invisible top and bobbin is much trickier but can be done. Since the invisible will stretch you'll need to carefully tweak it in the bobbin to experiment until you get a good stitch.

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I have done many quilts using this thread top and bottom. It worked great. One thing I would be careful of is to only fill your bobbin 3/4 way full. It has a lot of "spring" wound on a bobbin. Don't worry about not getting enough thread on the bobbin. Since it is so thin you will always have plenty, But to full on the bobbin and it will try to wiggle off the bobbin.

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