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"Oopsie" about quilt police thread--a contest!

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"Try to find the oopsie" contest.


There is a recent post concerning the quilt police and whether a longarmer is responsible for either fixing or notifying a customer of bad piecing or needed repairs on a top. I stated my opinion (which I may or may not follow---you know how you always want to please your customers  :))

Here's a Flickr link to a lovely Christmas sampler with one bad block. My customer didn't care, I quilted it and never told her where it was. She bound it to hang for the holidays. She challenged her 7 year-old grandson to find the bad block. It took him 3 weeks. 


Here's the contest--time yourself and when you find the oopsie, post your time here. The quickest eagle-eye will get their choice of gifts. Remember we have rulers, a book, and templates that we make, so have a go. It shouldn't be that hard to spot in a photo.


***Please time yourself from the first click on the link until you find the "bad block".*** (Count seconds--it might not take you long)


Post your time. Don't post the location or description of the block--just your time.


I think three days duration will give everyone a chance to win. This will close on Monday at 1pm PDT.


The quickest time gets a gift.


Here's the link. Go!!



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