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"Oopsie" about quilt police thread--a contest!

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Contest ending today!


In the running--


Sharond...2 seconds  B) wow

Lucy...6 seconds


See if you can spot the oopsie and beat their time!

I'll be awarding 2 prizes instead of one, since Sharon was so quick!

You'll have your choice of a download of my sashings book, an L-shaped SID template or a marking template for 1/2" parallel lines.


I'll post the bad block location and the winner after 1pm PDT today. Thanks for playing--it was fun!

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Looks like the winners are Sharon and Lucy!

Please email me so I can get your choice of prize and a mailing address.




The mistake is in the block to the left of the snowman family. The right upper corner block has a HST that needed turning to complete the pattern.

If you found another oopsie, please post so we know where to look!

Thanks for playing!

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Took me about 3 seconds to see the oopsie, but I missed the contest deadline darn it all. 


If it were my quilt, I would definitely fix it, but on a customer's quilt, definitely not.  maybe it was intentional.  My mom always says there's no such thing as a perfect quilt.  Maybe that was just this artists way of being humble.

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