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Is there anyone out there that has some fabric with EMT, EMS, or ambulance stuff on it that they want to get rid of or does anyone know where I can find some.  I have spent the last two hours on-line looking for some to purchase.  Our ambulance director is retiring after 26 years as our director and has at least 10 more years as an EMT prior to that.  I would like to make him a quilt for retirement if I can find some appropriate fabric.  (He has never been a firefighter...so the fire engine fabrics I am finding won't work)  Thanks

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Hi Lucy,

Have you looked at fabric.com? They have a big selection of different fabrics.

I  don't have any other fabric sources for you, but have you thought about a t shirt quilt made from the t shirts he most likely already has? I  did 2 quilts this past spring for a local mother who wanted quilts made from her late husbands shirts for his daughters. Also used his pj's for the sashing and binding. The quilting pattern used was easier to find than it would have been to find fabrics.

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A few years ago I made a Ford tractor quilt for my dad. Lots of John Deere fabric, no Ford fabric to be found. I searched the web for images and found a lot of great ones. Tractors old and new, old advertising signs, wiring diagrams...lots of stuff. I copied them onto the photo transfer fabric and built the quilt around the photos it turned out better than if I'd had the Ford fabric.

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