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Help ... what do I do about seams not laying flat?

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I need some advice. My mother, who's not a quilter, pieced a rail fence quilt in a class many years ago. She mailed me the top and wants me to quilt it for her. (She wants to be my first client but I'm not going to charge her. It'll be quilted as a gift to her.) Already I've repaired a few spots here and there where the seam allowances didn't catch the next piece and created holes. But while I'm pressing it I've noticed that most of her seams don't go in the same direction and twist at the next intersection. What should I do? Do I clip the seam allowance a bit so that I can press it flat? Just press it flat regardless of the twists? If I chose to unsew and fix them all I'd basically be resewing the entire quilt and I don't want to do that. It is her quilt and should be mostly her handwork. What would you do?

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I needed a good laugh at the end of the day, and ladies you did provide it!


I was just going to say press the heck out of it to make it lay flat . . .then quilt it.  But I love the hammers.


Post a picture when you are done so we can see how beautiful it is!


Joanne Flamand

APQS Sales and Education, Canada


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www.harvesthousequilting.com has a whacker to use on the seams of a quilt.  And they have directions for using it properly.  There are several variations of this item and my DH made me a whacker out of a left over piece of a stair rail.  My grandmother had one and I can remember (that was a long time ago) her using it when sewing wool garments.   Mine has a rounded top with an edge to grip, so makes it easy to use.

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Thank you everyone for all the great advice. I'm going to press the quilt and see how it looks. I was going to try my hand at separate borders for it but now am thinking that a pretty allover would work better. Luckily the lightest color is a grey so I don't think there's too much of an issue with colors "showing" through to the front. When it's done I'll post it.  :)

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