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Civil War Sampler

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Here's a link to photos of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler pieced by a customer who has a vast stash of CW repro fabric. This is the third CW style quilt I've been happy to quilt for her.


A bit of the thought process--that scrappy triple sashing is always a problem. With two lights and one dark fabric, thread color becomes an issue. We decided on a medium grayed-brown thread and a simple cable that spanned all three strips to keep it era-friendly.

The nine-patch cornerstones were stitched with CC's only on the dark squares--the lights were left unquilted. Each block, the sashings, and both borders were SIDed with Essence invisible thread. Then each pieced block was treated with appropriate and standard designs.

The mustard small border has close-together spirals and the brown border has triangles with opposite-direction parallel lines. I love that look!

It took 5 hard-driving days to finish. Thanks for looking! Here's the link.




Arrow right for detail shots.

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Really lovely, Linda. I especially like the outside border; I make quite a lot of quilts with a biggish border and am never sure how to quilt them. I'm sure this isn't as easy as it might look, but I may give it a try next time. Thank for sharing.


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