Lenni Thread Shred Issue - Help please

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Well things were great...

The top thread on my Lenni is hitting the side of the light case as it stitches and the thread is shredding.

When the thread is running through the top pigtail to the pigtail above the needle the thread is rubbing against the light case and shredding. I have moved the pigtails in every possible location, but it is still breaking.

Any suggestions?

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Kimmy, I know there are other Lenni owners that have dealt with this issue successfully - hopefully, one or more of them will chime in.  But in the meantime, could you put a spacer on the pigtail on the side of the head?  I seem to remember someone doing that.  It moves the thread path away from that jaggy spot just far enough. Maybe.....


You might also want to post this in the APQS Help forum - the gurus at APQS watch that more than any others.

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