QuiltPath: Blocks and Half Blocks?

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I have a quilt that I'm putting round feather wreaths in the on-point blocks with QP (or at least that's the plan). HOWEVER, I have 1/2 blocks on both sides of each row that butt up to the border.  I don't want to use the safe area to cut the blocks in half ... it leaves part of the feathers on the wreath "hanging". do you know of a digitized set that has a feather round wreath and a 1/2 feather round wreath? or something similar? I guess my "out" could be to use two triangle feathers in the block and then one triangle feather in the half block. But my customer sure does want the round feather wreath. thanks for your help!  8-)

Blessed, Blissed and Gliding with Millie and QP!

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ALSO, here's another set, Fan Daffodil Set, by One Song Needle Arts that is only $6.00.  But you must ask for NON-STATLER files in the comment section when you order -- if you order. 

Georgene Huggett
APQS Sales, Service, Education
Poquoson, Virginia
APQS Millennium with Quilt Path

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