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I would go with the APQS recommendation.  I have surge protectors on just about all my electronics....and I unplug my machines when I am not using them....surge protectors do not protect against everything.  I also do not sew or quilt during thunderstorms.  Of course I do not have a business so I can take a break when I want to.....I developed a bad connection on my outside line for my internet and phone during the last storm....thankfully it did not affect my computer but it was a a few days before the service folks could get to me as we had an incredible lighting storm with lots of folks being affected....Lin

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I have a UPS like what APQS recommends.  I'm in a rural area where we have frequent brown outs.  My machine was a huge investment and I didn't want the power fluctuations to affect its performance.  Having  UPS was the best decision . . .. I'm in awe and how often it'll make a noise because of power fluctuations.  We lost power for a few hours the other night while i had a quilt on the machine and I was able to finish the row before shutting it down.  Mine has a life of several hours without power.  

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I also paid the big bucks for the one APQS recommends.  It is so comforting to know my investment in Millie and IQ are protected as we frequently have low voltage or have the electricity go off for a few seconds even if there isn't a storm.  There is something special about the type of electrical wave type needed by our machines don't remember all the details but i researched it thoroughly before purchasing the unit.

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