Applique circles - opinion/help please? **completed photos added

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When I see it, I see it like Lynn does.  Those circles catch my eye and seem to be the main element of the quilt.  I would have to quilt down all the background and then do something to make the circles pop.  Maybe a simple spiral in each one, or a simple flower, just to nail them down.  If they are small enough, I would leave them unquilted and do everything behind them.

Is is definitely different.


I agree with the suggestion to let her know she has a few pieces in backwards, then possibly offer to tell/show her how to remove and correct those.  Since it is her first quilt I know it will be special to her, so why let it have obvious mistakes. 

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Wow - what a great job you have done.   I love how you have added texture and dimension.   Your client must be thrilled!   If anyone has any advice re circle work on a Millie please?   I am a newbie long arm user - and have absolutely no idea what to do re circles.   I have Quilt Path installed and using advice I researched on line see you can get QP to do a circle going into quilt CAD and entering 50 (reflection of school geometry and pie) to get a circle shape drawn.  Only problem is that the circle doesn't quite join up.   I see there are various gadgets out there - quilt thingy, quilt lord, quiltazoid.   But honestly after spending $$$$ on a new machine and QP, the last thing I want (or expected) is to purchase even more gadgets to do a circle.  Any advice?   I see there are various circle templates available but I am struggling at this point to keep the ruler and machine steady and in sync.   

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