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New Revelation..at least for me! cause and fix for pantograph row creep.

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Yesterday, while quilting, it suddenly became clear as to why my patterns seem to start to overlap onto the just stitched row. 

I'm sure everyone already knows how to prevent this happening, but I  didn't!

You know, when you have a couple of rows done on the quilt, and suddenly you begin to see the stitching start to creep back to the just stitched row and maybe it even overlaps a bit so the stitching is over the previous stitching....

I was clamping the sides after rolling and noticed that the stitches were awfully close to the previous row. Then a light bulb went off and this is what I saw. 



My quilt edges were looser than the quilt body, so much that "creep" was happening.


This fixed my problem.



PS. Forgot to say that it is necessary to manually roll the loose end tight then clamp. Sorry

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That hasn't happened to me either and I've done tons of pantos, too. Interesting, indeed.


If I have a quilt back that is much wider than the batting, I generally will lay a strip of extra batting on top of the excess backing fabric as I advance the quilt. I have lots of leftover batting that I have cut into strips for this purpose. It keeps everything rolled up nicely at the same tension across the quilt.


My hands and fingers wouldn't like removing that clamp at every roll but it is a good idea. Thanks for sharing it!

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Bonny H.   What a terrific tip.. I'd grumbled along thru many off the beam quilts, and not once thought of the batting to "even it up".


I start a new QoV tomorrow and am going to use that idea IF needed.


The gal that made this quilt is a member of the guild and she will follow instructions to the T to get a squared quilt, with the backing

8" wider and longer than the quilt.


I am going to post these ideas in the quilt room, until we get used to using them.


Thanks again,


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