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Help !!! Needle goes down!!

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I hope someone else has had this problem.  I worked with Amy last week and thought the problem was solved but now its happened again.   All on its own my Millie will suddenly and forcefully drive the needle into the needle down position and stays there until I can stop the machine and press the yellow needle up position.  the thread also gets messed up around the bobbin by the time I get everything shut off. I do have Intelliquilter on my Millie.  This morning it happened as I was planning a quilt on the IQ.  But in the past it has even happened when I am just basting.  When it happens in the middle of a pantograph I have to quickly turn off the Millie or a hole will be made in the quilt.  Of course now it is the week end and Amy is unavailable.


If anyone can shed any light on this problem I can share with Amy on Monday your help will be appreciated.  I have 3 large quilts and a custom wall hanging that are on absolute deadlines.  I'm going to try running a pantograph and see how often this happens but i have to stand right there to be ready to shut off the Millie if it happens.  I have fibromyalgia and that is one of the reasons we have IQ so I can sit down while pantos are running.


APQS Millenium with Bliss & Intelliquilter

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This was discussed before, and of course, I've no memory of when, nor whom.


I also can't remember the solution.  Wish I could be of more help.


I think the term that was used for your situation was "slammed".


OR Blasted.. something scary.  lol

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My UI does this every so often, but it's the nature of the beast. It will slam down hard one time & it's done. No harm no foul. Tried to find the problem, but haven't figured it out yet. Funny thing is, I'm a longarm tech & can't resolve this one issue with my machine.

Try adjusting your #8 screw. Also check and see if your motor sensor is clear of lint. Sometimes lint or small bits of thread can obstruct it's sensor eye. Zeke....


by the hour.........................

APQS Ultimate I/Compuquilter


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This happened to me as well.  I spoke with Amy (who said my Milli had an attitude problem!) and she sent me a grounding kit for the machine head.  I put that on and it still happened.  I thought a while, and realized that the table was not grounded either, so I attached a grounding cable to one of the rail bolts, then to the grounding screw on an outlet.  The problem is almost gone, it still happens very occasionally.  Hope this helps!


Flying S Quiltworks

Marcel, our 2009 Millie

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