Bobbin Thread Cutter on Millennium - (not cutting thread)

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Hi Friends,


My new Millennium is no longer cutting the bottom bobbin thread.  Not sure that this should be dull so quickly - its a brand new machine.  Any posts out there on what to do?  Do I need to change the blade?  Order a part? 


Thoughts and assistance are welcome.


Thanks and have a great rest of the weekend.


Warm Regards,




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Hi Patrice. When you activate the thread cutter, the flat blade catches and pulls the thread between two small sharp blades visible under the clear plastic cover. Check to see if the puller is landing between the blades and not over the top blade. The blades are adjusted by loosening or tightening the tiny screws that hold the blades. Fiddle with the screws until the puller is going between the blades. Good luck---you'll learn to make lots of adjustments with your machine. Congrats on a great purchase!

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided


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HI guys - I am a new Millie user.   I've been emailing Dawn as per the instructions I received with my machine but yet to receive a reply.   Maybe you guys can help with the following?:


1.   Why are there no numbers/markings on the top tension - really hard to know where you are at, unlike with my Bernina.  Is there a workaround?   Should we be writing our own numbers?

2.  My agent deactivated the bobbin thread cutter - saying that there was some problem with it and fairly ineffective.   Comments?

3.   My agent deactivated the breakage sensor for the same reason.  Comment?

4.  My Millie has a bobbin sensor that tells me whether it is full or empty - the only thing it always says it is full.   How do I get this to work?   Does it matter whether you have magna glide bobbins or not?   When I asked my agent she shrugged and said she didn't know.


Your advice would be appreciated.


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Jennie, I'm assuming by "agent," you're talking about your APQS Rep.  Emailing Dawn is great, as long as she's not otherwise occupied by classes or quilt shows.  Let's see if we can get your questions answered here.


1.  Top tension on our machines is set more by feel than by numbers: as you pull your top thread backwards through the needle, it should have some tension on it, but it shouldn't deflect the needle, nor should it curl (like an old-fashioned phone cord).  It will take you some time to find the tension that your machine "likes," and then you'll change your needle size or your thread, and you'll have to make a change in the top tension.  There are lots of very informative articles on the APQS Quilting Blog - go to APQS.com, select "Resources" and then "Quilting Blog," and you'll find a wealth of information.  Plug "tension" into the search box, and there's a list of various articles dealing with tension issues and how to solve them - and keep them from bothering you!


2.  Neither your thread cutter nor your Thread Break Sensor needed to be "deactivated" - it's your choice whether you engage them or not.  Sometimes we use these and sometimes we don't, but both of those features are useful, in the right circumstances and with a little bit of education.  Go back to the Quilting Blog (see #1 above) and enter "cutter" in the search box, and you'll find an article from a year ago all about the thread cutter.  If you need help "reactivating" your cutter, don't hesitate to email me at info@tmequilting.com.


3.  You can turn your Thread Break Sensor back on - it's easy, and it's a necessary part of using your Quilt Path effectively, as it will stop your machine should your thread break or your bobbin run out - it WILL happen!  You should have received both a printed guide to using the new features on your Millie, including the Thread Break Sensor and the Low Bobbin Indicator, AND the same document on the CD containing your Millennium Manual.  Go read through those instructions.  Actually, I'll try to attach them here.....


4.  Your Low Bobbin Indicator only works in conjuction with the Thread Break Sensor.  If it has been "deactivated," then your machine doesn't know how much thread has traveled through your path, so it can't give you an indication on the Low Bobbin Indicator.  Again, go read through the instructions for the new controls - there's much to be learned there about proper calibration of your Low Bobbin Indicator.


When you have more questions, come here and we'll try to help as much as we can!!


Barbara Mayfield
APQS Sales Representative & Educator
AND Quilt Path owner!!!

"Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best." ~Henry van Dyke

APQS Northwest

1085 12th Ave. NW, Suite D2

Issaquah, WA  98027


(425) 243-3502



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Jennie, so sorry for your poor customer service but you came to the right place to ask for help.  The agent (we call ourselves reps) should have "activated" everything and left the decision up to you to turn things off and on after you get used to the machine.   Barb, gave you the best advice for your current questions/problems.  It takes a little time to get used to the "professional industrial" machine versus your domestic sewing machine but have fun, play with it.  Millie is a very friendly machine to do adjustments and maintenance on, don't be afraid of her.  If you post your location (city/state) there's lots of "agents" here who may live close-by to help you.  However, be reassured that we are only an im/email away from helping you here in the forum.  Congrats, on getting a APQS machine and welcome to the forum. 

Port Huron, MI   48060
APQS Sales Rep and Educator
Millennium with Intelliquilter (IQ)

"Be a good listener, your ears will never get you in trouble" Frank Tygr


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