Needle continues to go up and down

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The needle on my Millie continues to go up and down when I have tried to stop stitching. It does not stop with any of the controls on the handles. It does not pick up thread when doing this. It happens at the beginning of stitching or when I am finished with an area and want to stitch elsewhere. I can't move the head because the needle continues to go up and down. Sometimes it stops on it's own or I have to turn off the maachine. Help;!! Janice

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You just need to adjust the little screw inside the top of the machine.  THe instructions are in your manual.  I am sorry I cannot be more specific.  I am not at home.  I have had to do it twice.  My husband did it the first time and I was able to do it myself the second time with no problem.  If you cannot find it in your manual call APQS and they will guide you.  I just wanted to assure you that it was a simple fix!


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