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This one has been on the frame for way too long.  I pushed myself to finish it last night and am so relieved it's finally done.  The border was done using IQ - this pattern was a bear to line up.  I'll give it back to my client at guild on Thursday and she'll have it ready for the guild show Oct 3-4.  No ribbons at our show, and I don't think it's really ribbon-worthy elsewhere, except, perhaps for the appliqué quality.  I hope my client likes it.  I'm exhausted.









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Beautiful...but oh so labor intensive.  Makes my shoulder's and back hurt just looking at it. 


Serendipity: The discovery of something wonderful quite by accident while looking for something quite different.

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So beautiful. Sometimes using IQ can be labor intensive, too. I love the background quilting. I have to recommend someone else for things like that. Because I have fibromyalgia I am totally dependent on IQ. My body just won't hold up for much freehand work. Although I have been feeling stronger. I may try practicing this winter.


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Well Linda, you are right.  Her applique is lovely. 

However, your quilting, IQ or not, is wonderful!

Now pat yourself on the back and take a well-earned rest  - or at least stick to E2Es next as a break!


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I like the piano key technique on the large neg. area.  Your quilting is gorgeous. 

Blissful Quilting until next time…

Judith Washburn

APQS Dealer

Sealy, Texas


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