Elephant quilt, Knot a Rainbow quilt, and a disaster

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Well I happily quilted two client quilts. Can I say that I just say that I love my APQS/IQ combo. Both of them quilted wonderfully and had no problems at all. I used the New Delhi panto on the elephant quilt and Modern Serpentine on the modern Knot a Rainbow quilt. 


Now sadly I'm having to mail back the peacock quilt to its owner. I was able to figure out how to do a no-sew zone on a muslin quilt so I wouldn't have had any problems with the applique center. The problems were that unbeknownst to me at the time were that the outer two borders have 3-D elements. The diamonds have flaps and the dark blue/blue second to last border is doubled fabric that is tacked down at the centers with flaps. Yikes! I did try to load it but I broke my needle two times in a row just trying to baste it. The backing is comprised of lots of vertical strips of fabric. They were pieced to the exact size of the quilt top and then had borders pieced to it to give me the extra inches I needed for the frame. I guess that the plan was to snip these off when I returned the quilt to her. Sadly it meant that I had a thick seam right where I needed to baste the quilt.


I feel so bad that I couldn't quilt it for her but didn't want to rip her quilt top each time my needle got stuck (nor wanted my machine to get knocked out of time). As it is, I'm desperate to get a muslin quilt on the frame to test it out. Fingers crossed that it's okay.


The good thing is that the next quilt that I'm picking up next week is a straight forward panto and a simple pieced quilt. Nothing like diving into the deep end, no?  :P



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You're doing great, Tami! You have all the things you need to succeed--a great machine with a great computerized system added, the drive to learn, and the desire to excel. (Quite the pep-talk, huh! ;) )


I will tell you that what your customer wanted with the heavily pieced front and the "exact" backer is out of most longarmers skill-set. It's almost impossible to match backs and tops. I would have declined to take that one on myself. Too many places where tiny mis-piecing and/or loading issues would de-rail the whole thing. Please believe me when I say you dodged a bullet with that one... :blink:

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