NQR - I'm not saying I'm tired, but...

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Today my friend and I spent the day up in my sewing room finishing quilting on one of mine and then we did one of hers then I made a back and we loaded it.  It really wore me out.  The guys decided to take us to dinner.  As we were walking into the restaurant Sheryl started laughing then pointed at my feet.  Oh crap!  Well at least they "felt" the same.  Ok...I'm tired.


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So funny!!

Been there/done that myself. Your toenails are cute!


My hilarious  husband always knows how to say things with humor. He once asked a co-worker "If someone had their sweater on inside-out, do you think they would want to be told about it?" With a big grin on his face and a wink. He pulls that on me often, but it's usually about my hair. "If someone had hair that looks like a squirrel slept in it, do you think they'd want to be told about it?" I tell him--No. :P

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