Where's my "Circle Thingy"

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I went computerized in April of this year after selling my older machine with ALL my Circle Lord longboards and design templates, and have never looked back.

But unfortunately I also let my Circle Lord "Circle Thingy" go with the deal. I should have kept it.

I like using circles with my designs on quilts, especially in borders. The Circle Thingy made it so easy to sew any size circle I needed, whenever and wherever I needed it, as well as stacked circles, or a simple spiral.

So I immediately learned how to do circles with Quilt Path, thanks to Angela's Threadwaggle blog.

I truly love my new machine with Quilt Path, I just miss my handy "anytime, anywhere, almost any size circle maker, that I could use without interrupting my computer cycle when I had another design loaded.

So if you decide to computerize, I would suggest you hold on to the Circle Thingy. I may have to buy another one.

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For those of you with the Circle Thingy, do you also have the Circle Lord system? I didn't realize there was a Circle Thingy until I saw the post here a while ago and now Michael is having a sale ... Well, you know how THAT goes!!! I think I need it now. LOL It certainly looks really easy to use and that would mean I would use it more often. I'm thinking I should jump on the bandwagon. What do you think?

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Bonnie you only need a stylus to use the Circle Thingy. And not just a CL stylus. A few others work as well. They are mentioned on the web site.

The neat thing about the Circle Thingy is you have no set up to go through. It can be placed directly on the table or on top of long boards or pantos and just place the stylus in it and stitch. One circle or many concentric circles, so easy.

I like using circles in borders, sometimes the corners, sometimes the middle of a border and then do,freehand on either side.

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Halloween Sale


 I don’t want to scare you, but prices will be going up in the new year.


Please take a look at our new patterns, and any older ones that you don’t have.



Egyptian Eye


Rosebud Ribbon






CircleThingy   Special  $109.00  Reg. $139.00


 5 %  discount on 1

10% on 2

15% on 3

20% on 5 or more.


Use our Payment Plan.


Send me your wish list before October 31st for a treat.


Please let others know about the Circlelord Giant templates,

unless they are your competition. All promotion is appreciated.


Thank you,

Michael and Kay


Michael & Kay Valeriote
RR 1, 7676 Leslie Rd. W.
Puslinch, ON, Canada
N0B 2J0
Toll Free Call: 866 510 6060

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