Monopoly Top Thread Breaks on the Backside of the Quilt

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I'm quilting an aggie tshirt quilt (which I've done lots of tshirt quilts on Millie), however, on 3 rows I get these odd, top thread breaks on the back of the quilt.  I'm using So Fine clear Monopoly on Top, Bottom Line thread on the bottom.  the customer choose Hobbs 80/20 cotton (which I've used before). I have a bobbin case that I use with Monopoly thread that is a whole lot looser than what I normally quilt with.  I've changed bobbins, changed needles, cleaned and oiled everything, checked my check spring, loosened the top thread tension, tweaked the bottom thread tension, shortened the length of my top stitches, checked how high my hopping foot is and done everything that I could find on the forum before. And then, the problem quit ... like two rows after the last tweak.


Any suggestions as to what might have gone wrong?


but the more important question is, how do i fix the quilt?   




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As Betsy advised, see if you can snap the Monopoly with your hands. It may be brittle from age?

I've never seen the top thread snap on the bottom like that and it may be because the Monopoly is stretched more than it can handle. I also run invisible very loose on top but loosen my bobbin from a Towa measurement of 18 (180) to 15 (150) or even less.

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I had the top thread breaking and leaving tails on the back just like your picture, but it was with various types of thread. It was difficult to get the problem solved because it happened inconsistently, but enough to eat up huge amounts of time checking the backs of quilts and making repairs. APQS was called multiple times and there were several solutions offered, mostly trying to find and fix a burr on the hook assembly. The final solution was buying a new hook assembly, and I was really sorry that I didn't do that much sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time and stress.


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