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For Sale - Almost new QuiltPath

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I have an almost new (only used on about 6 quilts) QuiltPath for sale. I am asking $8,000 for it (sells new for $9,500) plus shipping. It includes the tablet, flash drive, mount, belts - for a 14' table, motor, carriage, M&M wheels, and anything else I have that is needed to attach to your machine. I also have printed out many instruction pages and put them into a notebook. I will include this as well. I am located in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If interested, please email me at 


sue @ asdfwordpro . com (remove spaces)




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Different belt sizes are available plus belts can be cut and rejoined very easily, I installed this unit for sue and will be in phoenix next week to drop of a carriage to sue, if you buy this and are on my way back to michigan I will install it for you for free and will warranty it for one year

Call me at 269-767-2799

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According to an earlier post, Deloa & Dave Jones will warranty this Quilt Path for a year, but I doubt that updates would be automatic.  Not sure if the Dave and Deloa could even do software updates for a new owner, since the updates are usually keyed to individual systems......

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Okay, I just got off the phone with Dawn Cavanaugh.  Here is the scoop on transferring the Quilt Path to a new owner. I hope it answers your questions .


1) Grace Company says the software is transferable when you load the software on the tablet and register it - I have to delete the software when I transfer the tablet and hardware to the new owner - the software will be on the USB stick that comes with the system.


2) All new updates to fix bugs are free. However, if the Grace Company comes out with some new/great/wonderful features and they make it an "upgrade", this unit can only be upgraded on a fee basis - price to be determined by Grace


3) There is no warranty on the system through APQS, just like all other transferable sales of their machines - the original warranty was for 1 year


4) APQS will give as much support and technical assistance free of charge over the phone as needed. If parts are needed, APQS will be able to sell them to the new owner.


5) #3 and #4 are in alignment with all APQS policies and transfers.


I think this is a really fair policy.

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Wow, so when the Grace Company comes up with the software updates to add more functions they will want you to purchase these? From my understanding when you buy the system brand new you get the software updates for free with the system. Or is the Grace Company saying that these are new software features that ALL QuiltPath owners will need to pay for? Just wanted some clarification, that's all.  :-)

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The updates AND upgrades are free to the original purchaser of Quilt Path. When a QP changes hands, that no longer applies. It protects the copyright of the software so that multiple owners cannot benefit from purchasing a single program (kind of like how quilt pattern designers expect everyone to by the pattern if a quilt shop teaches a class based on the pattern--not make photocopies of the single pattern to pass around.)


Hope that clarifies for you. :)

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