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Wahoo!!!  It's finally here.  After six interminably long weeks, my IQ finally arrived and was installed.  Yipee :D !!!  Happy Dance!


Now I can play....er, I mean practice diligently....  The first quilt (a sampler of my own making) will go on the frame tonight.  That way I can practice all the unique techniques that Laura Lee Fritz taught me over the weekend.  She was a wealth of information. 


Pictures when I'm done, but that may be a while since I have out of town company coming in today and staying for two weeks.  I'll see if I can sneek time in on my machine.  .......tippie toe......



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I'm not sure I'd be spending a lot of time with my out of town guests!



lol!  I still have to go into work while my company is here and she has planned many evenings out during her visit.  I'm going to try to beg out of going to a couple of her social activities so I can have some down time with my new baby.  My friend noticed the machine this morning and was ooooo'ing and aaaaah'ing over it.  I really had to contain myself  -- I was sooo tempted to slap her hand away and say "MINE!" :o   (If you ever saw her driving, you'd understand why  - she scares me). 

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I'm sure it will be hard to stay with the guest but when they leave you are in for some fun.  There is also a yahoo group for the IQ that would be good for you to join they give answers on questions quickly just like here at APQS.  I'm sure you are going to have lots of fun, enjoy.  Saundra

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Congratulations on recieving your IQ. I love mine.

I also recommend joining the Yahoo IQ forum. Sometimes it can get quiet. But it is a wealth of information and and there is always some of the more experienced IQ people ready and willing to answer your questions. Plus it is the first place you will out about updates etc.

Here is the link to the IQ video site. If you can't get to play with IQ you might find a minute or two to watch a video


Have fun and one little tip if you find yourself stuck, on every IQ Screen there is a question mark. Click on that to see what everything on that page does.

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Thanks for the encouragement and tips.  I will join the Yahoo IQ forum.  I'm such an IQ newbie that I'll take any hints/tips/advice I can get. 


I have a four-day weekend starting as soon as I leave work in 1 hour 47 minutes (but who's counting?).  Maybe I'll be able to squeek a quilt on the frame and start playing with the IQ.  I have a couple of charity quilts that would make good practice pieces and I have a sampler quilt of my own that I can experiment on. 



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