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Now, I'm sure others will have input in this, but I know Linda has done a few with a similar look.


I know what I have to do in the little flower blocks. She told me what she wanted there.   In the giant center design she wants something like a flower.  I thought about doing a tulip like design in the center "star" (4 blocks),  but what can I do in those brighter, outer blocks to make them look flowery?  The print fabric squares will get a freehand flower, or CL flower.


HELP!!!  I need to start this today.





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Hi Teresa---thanks your vote of confidence. That makes me feel good and also a bit blush-y!


The thing about putting a flower-y something in the center is that those narrow green sashing strips chop it all up so you can't do an over-lay design very easily.


Here's a thought--start at the inner corner of the center red squares. Stitch a teardrop out to the opposite corner (red) and back to the start. Now another from the corner and out to the far corner of the next red block and back. Then a third teardrop from the start and out to the last far corner of the last red block, and back to the start.  You now have three teardrops stitched--go up the side of the last one with fat petals, feathers, or scrolls, placing a standing motif at the far corner so you can petal/feather/scroll back to the start to fill the block. Stitch density is up to you, but you can be as fancy as you want. Stitching the four blocks the same will give you a flower-ish design--nice and symmetrical. For extra-fancy, fill the second teardrop area with pebbles or some other denser fill.


Those eight blocks surrounding it can be your "leaf" blocks. Ignoring the piecing, start in the inner corner of one block and over-lay two leaves. I'll hunt up a photo of a nice one for you. Double leaves coming from the corners that are adjacent (the center) will finish off the flower. As for the green sashing--SID it and it might not need anything more if it's narrow enough. If it's wider, crosshatch it with matching thread for some contrast. (I'd try to leave it alone so the eye goes to the pieced blocks.)


I'll find the photo for you...


Flickr link--though the space is slightly different, you can alter it to easily fit diagonally in a square. 

Double leaf--

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