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Recently I worked with Laura Lee Fritz and her husband, Ron Paul during a quilt show.  Later that weekend they came to my house and installed my IQ.  Then Laura asked me the most puzzling question.  What did you name your machine?  I hadn't named my machine.  They went on to tell me about all of their various machines and the names for thier machines and the IQs attached to each machine. 


So it got me thinking.  <_< Should I name my machine?  What in the world would I call it or how would I decide what name would be suitable? 


Do you name your machine?  What do you name them?  How did you come up with the name?  (No fair calling a Millenium "Millie"  -- that's just too easy).  Any other names?


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My first Millie was called "Esther Pearl" after my two grandmothers.  My new machine is "Pearly" because she is pearly white.  Mostly she's known as "my girl" though.  FYI, my bikes have names too.  My first road bike was "Rosie" because that's what the saddle was printed with.  Now I ride "Carbon Miranda" (she's a carbon bike", and "Clyde".  Clyde is my commuter hybrid bike, initially named because he's like a draft horse, or a Clydesdale.  Then I realized that the name of the trailer that I use for my work stuff is "Dale" so that I have "Clyde's Dale".  I know, it's a horrific pun, but I love them all the same!

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My millennium is named "Patience". I had to have a lot of Patience waiting to afford her, patience waiting for a way to get her shipped across the county and dealing with shipping companies and of course a whole lot of Patience I knew I needed to get acquainted with her.

I honestly thought I would be screaming and getting frustrated with her because of thread tension and learning to use a long arm. Practice and patience is what I kept reading on the forum here. Thankfully Patience and I have always got along.

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I don't usually name inanimate objects either.  My Lucey is Lucey because she came with that name.  But I started calling my Brother DSM Ricky for my one and only brother (using his "kid name").  Than the second Brother became Red, because he is and because I needed to distinguish him from the other Brother.  So who knows where I'm headed with this . . . . .


I am curious whether others have Brothers with feminine names.

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