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triangle baby quilt and Millie problems

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Made this quilt from left over triangles from another quilt.  Put them together with the white triangles to make a baby quilt.  Did my stitching and got to the last row this evening and broke a needle.  Don't know how, but the broken needle jammed the bobbin carriage and bent the hook finger.  DH took it apart, timed it, heated and straightened the hook finger, cleaned out the bobbin carriage and we started it up again and broke another needle.  I was only five arches away from getting this quilt done.  So, took it apart again, timed it again and got it stitching. Did my five arches and shut it down.  I don't want to know if it is not working.  I'll play with it before trying another quilt and if I am still having problems, I will call the factory.  How frustrating to be so close to getting something done.   Now trying to decide on a binding, 




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