Brown, cream, purple quilt--pics of back added--feathers and scrolls

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Here's the latest finish. The odd spaces required some stand-and-stare. Feathers on the border and on the light fabrics. Scrolls and leaves on the darks. A spot of CCs inside the center HStriangles. So Fine putty color and purple thread on top. She provided W&N cotton batting. Her backer was unbleached muslin. This one, with the thin batting and high contrast in top thread colors required me to use tan bobbins with the light top thread and dark gray with the purple. I still had some trouble balancing the stitches. I'll add a photo of the back later so you can see.


This one partially finished on the frame was my show-and-tell at the latest Moxie meeting. Here it is finished, Moxies!


Thanks for looking!




Here's a link to photos of the back so you can see the two bobbin thread colors.



Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided


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It's fabulous, Linda, as with all your quilting!!  I'm glad that you are sharing "tension" issues; sometimes it's unavoidable no matter level of experience and what we try!  You are a wonderful resource for inspiration and techniques; thank you for sharing!

<p>Vickie Oliver Beachside Quilter APQS Rep SW FL 2013 New Gen Millennium, Quilt Path

239-209-0990. Beachsidequilter.com

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Your free hand is so gorgeous.  Love the design you placed in the darker brown & purple, pulling the 4 blocks together.  It looks like you had a lot of fun. 

Blissful Quilting until next time…

Judith Washburn


APQS Dealer

Sealy, Texas


Complete Longarm Quilting Studio

Millennium Blissed with IntelliQuilter

Lucey Blissed with Quilt Path




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I haven't been around much lately, but it's always fun to pop back in and see all the talent on this forum! Linda, you never fail to inspire!

Cathy Hamilton - M&M'ed 2008 Millennium - Part-time Quilter, Full-time Lover of Quilts

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What I think is amazing is the longarm quilters who can "see" the quilt and what would look good on it. Linda, you are definitely one of "those!!" And your execution is always inspiring. You gotta know how much we all appreciate seeing your work. I'm grateful to you for all the pictures you share here. Thank you :)

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