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SOLD Thread for Sale - Thirty Cones Superior So Fine #50/3

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My thread cones are off to a new home.  Thank you for your interest!

Nancy V.



I have thirty cones of Superior So Fine #50/3 polyester thread for sale.  Ten cones have not been used and are still in their clear wrappers.  The other cones appear to be the same fullness, and have were used to make one, possibly two, quilts.


The cones are: Pearl, Putty (2 cones) Toast, Smoke, Hot Chiles. Scarlet, Cherrywood, Mustard, Chocolate, Ginger, Your Highness, It’s a Boy, Midnight Harbor, Lilac, Celery, Spring Green, Sandstone, Fawn, Granite Peak, Climbing Rose, Aster, Brooke, Missoula, Lewis & Clark, Pastel Green, Gerbera, Indian Paintbrush, Chianti, and Roma


 I would be happy to send you a chart that indicates the number and "still in wrapping" packaging, as well as additional pictures.


The advertised retail price for each is $16.90.  I am selling the full set for $300 plus shipping.  I use King Tut threads for quilting and would like to pass the So Fine threads on to another home!


Thank you.




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Somebody should jump on this…So Fine is a terrific thread (the strength of polyester but the look of cotton due to the matte finish).  Nancy is selling this at 5 cents per cone over the wholesale price.

I'm also impressed that she can use King Tut…that's a thread I never mastered.     (Another) Nancy in Tucson

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