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Block or Fabric Swap

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A long time ago I was involved in a chat forum (started on QNN when it was free, but then moved to a new site when QNN started charging).  Then after a few years, my computer blew up and I lost all my links.  I tried in vain to find the forum, but never was successful.  We used to do swaps all the time.  I organized quite a few and they were all a great lot of fun.   ..... Okay enough with the background. 


So here's what I'm thinking.....  Would there be any interest in starting a swap of some kind beginning in January 2015?  We could make it as simple as a FQ swap, a bag of scraps swap, or something more complex like a block swap, birthday block swap, or BOM swap.  I'm open to other ideas as well.  Open to quilters of all levels. 


Interested?  Let me know.  I can take care of all the organizing part, so all you'll have to do is play and have fun with the swap. 


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A fabric swap would be easier than doing blocks right now.  It's not just one block...it's like 30 of the same block.  Too close to the holidays I think, however, I'm down for a fabric swap though.  Layer cakes would be nice because they're pretty versatile.  Let me know.

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Well, it looks like we have quite a bit of interest in doing a fabric swap.  Now we just need to decide what type of fabric we are going to swap.  Please send in one vote for your preference



1.  FQ

2.  Layer cake (10" squares)

3.  2 1/2" strip sets (20 or 40?)

4.  Charm packs (5" squares)

5.  Gallon ziploc bag of scraps (no pieces smaller than 2" wide or 4" long)


Last question -- do you want a theme to the type of fabric that is swapped?  i.e. fall colors, Christmas, novelty, jewel tones, pastel, etc. or we can just leave it wide open.


Since this is a fabric swap, you may send in as many "units" as you would like to swap.  Example, if we are exchanging gallon ziploc bags of scraps and you really want to change up your scrap stash, you can send in three gallon bags and will receive three different bags in return.  This will be a one-for-one exchange. 


Also, FYI - I will be out of town all of next week, so don't be alarmed if I'm not chiming in every day.  After a couple of Mai Tais on the beach, I may just be taking a nap. :P

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My vote is for a theme to the fabric, any theme. I'd prefer not wide open. And quilt shop quality 100% cotton so it's a fair trade on quality, money, and design.


I would vote against #4 and #5. I'd like more fabric than a 5" square of one design and I don't like the mess #5 suggests.


I'd be open to 1, 2, or 3, and a theme. :)


Gosh, I guess I didn't really vote, huh?

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Okay, I'm hearing definitely themed.  What theme would you like?  Since this is a fabric swap, we could all swap in November and have nice Christmas presents under the tree.  Here are some ideas for the theme:  Please select the one you'd like or add to the list. 


Christmas theme or Red/White/Green


Jewel tones



Also pick one:  Layer cake or 2 1/2" jelly roll.  We'll need to settle on one or the other. 


 I'll take a look at all the responses and then see what most people want to trade and we'll go from there. 


Some basic rules to follow:

1.  All fabric must be 100% quilt store quality fabric -- no Walmart or JoAnn's.

2.  Anyone from anywhere may participate in the swap.  Send a SASE with your swap donation.  The SASE will be used to return your swapped item to you.


Of course we will set a deadline for when all swap donations need to be received and then I'll plan to mail the return swaps the following week.  If we set the due date at Nov 21, would that work for everyone?  That would give you three weeks to find a suitable fabric bundle to ship to me for the swap.  Then I could mail out all of the swap items in your SASE on Dec 5th and you could have a nice package waiting for you under the tree.  We could all share photos after we open (you could wait until Christmas to open, but the curiosity will probably drive you batty first :rolleyes: .)

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