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A long time ago I was involved in a chat forum (started on QNN when it was free, but then moved to a new site when QNN started charging).  Then after a few years, my computer blew up and I lost all my

My vote is for a theme to the fabric, any theme. I'd prefer not wide open. And quilt shop quality 100% cotton so it's a fair trade on quality, money, and design.   I would vote against #4 and #5. I'

Wahoo!  Looks like we have a game plan.    We will be swapping 2 1/2" strips sets.  You can submit bundles or jelly rolls, but the strip sets should have a minimum of 20 strips.  If you submit a 20

I'm in. Jewel tones and 2 1/2 inch strips. Those of us in Canada or outside the US, will need to send money so postage can be applied at your end. Do you have PayPal account or a money order could be included with our strip set so you are not out the postage sending our bundle back.

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Wahoo!  Looks like we have a game plan. 


We will be swapping 2 1/2" strips sets.  You can submit bundles or jelly rolls, but the strip sets should have a minimum of 20 strips.  If you submit a 20 strip set, you will receive 20 strips in return.  If you submit a 40 strip set, you will receive 40 strips in return.  You may submit as many strip sets as you would like to receive in return. 


Quilt store quality strips only.  No Walmart or JoAnn's fabric.


The theme is Jewel Tones.  By jewel tones let's think of the rich colors of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc.  Solids, prints, and batiks are all fine.  Your strip set can be variations on a single color (like emerald green) or a variety of colors like a rainbow spectrum jelly roll.  No guarantees that you will get the same color or variety in the return package, but if there is a particular color you don't want, let me know via IM and I'll do my best to ensure you don't end up with something you'd probably never use. 


I'm going to be out of town starting on Sunday, but will be back on the following Sunday and catching up on this thread at that time.  I will send everyone who indicates an interest in the swap my mailing address via IM.  When you send in your strips, you will also need to include a self-addressed postage paid return envelope, or a check or money order in the amount sufficient to cover the return postage.  If you would like your strips mailed back in a USPS flat rate box, just send funds to cover the box.  I can pick the box up at the post office, so you don't need to send a box with your strip set B) .


You need to send in your strip set so that I receive it no later than Saturday, November 22, 2014.  I will prepare all the return packages and put them in the mail no later than Saturday, December 6, 2014.  If you choose, you may open your package as soon as you get it or you can save it and put it under the tree to open for Christmas.  Of course there are those who will do both (open, re-wrap, and put under the tree) -- you know who you are :ph34r: .


Talk to you all again next week.  Aloha until then! 


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I am going to pass on this swap. I really can never find a use for 2 1/2" strips.  I have bunches of them and they are just taking up space because I have no idea what to do with them.

Sorry to here you do not want to participate if you need ideas to de-stash here are a few ideas or if others need to get their creative juices flowing have a look there is always eye candy on the internet google strip quilts for an eye fun 

            Scrappy mountain majesties                       



Scrappy bargello




Bricks and stepping stones



Strip twist by bonnie hunter  free pattern                                         



             boxy stars by bonnie free pattern                    







Here are just a drop in the bucket of quilts you can make from strips.

The forum will not let me save the pictures in the formateI am using but I have added the web links so you can have a look if you want.  It will be interesting to see what everybody makes with there strips in the swap I can’t decide I have picked two patterns trying to narrow it down before I get my strips. Fun Fun Fun and no they are not pictured above.

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I'm going to pass on the jewel toned jelly roll strips too.  I'd love to do an oriental jelly roll strips swap or any layer cakes, but I just realized when I was going through my stash that I haven't used the last jelly roll swap or any of the last four jelly roll strips I've purchased.  I'd rather not add to that right now.   

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Back from vacation.  Except for the 14 hour transit time to get home and the 4 hour layover, the trip was great!  I went snokeling with a turtle, took a scuba lesson, ate way too much (although only gained three pounds :) ), and did plenty of shopping.  My dear fiance is such a wonderful guy -- he even indulged me and we went to TWO quilt stores.  Since Kauai has tons of wild chickens everywhere, I wanted to make sure I got some chicken fabric to commemorate my trip.  Didn't find anything at the first store, but scored at the second one.  I see the makings of an apron in my future. 


Okay, travelog over.


Looks like we have about 17 participating in the swap.  Here's what I counted as affirmatives.  If you find something different or want to be added to the list, let me know.




Norma H

Jeannie B


Heidi P

WW quilter


Bonnie H


T Row Studio





.... and me.  :D


Yea!  I think this is going to be tons of fun. 


To answer a couple of questions that I've seen....

--  the fabrics do not have to be batiks.  Any jewel tones (ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, amber, etc.) will be fine.  Think deep rich colors.  No pastels.   Prints or solids are fine.  If there is a certain type of fabric that you definitely DO NOT want, I will do my best to accommodate your request, but can't make any promises. 

--  minimum of 20 strips.  If you want to send more (40, 60...) that's fine.  This will be a one-for-one exchange.  If you send in 20 strips, you will get 20 in return.  If you send in 40, you will receive 40 in return.

--  fabric must be quilt store quality and should not be prewashed (for those cutting from yardage).  All strips should measure 2 1/2" wide x WOF.

--  you will need to send a self addressed postage paid envelope or a check sufficient to cover return postage and packaging for the return parcel. 

--  I need to receive your package by November 21st and will ship out all the return packages on December 6th. 

--  you can decide if you want to open before Christmas or wait.  Personally, I'm going to wait ..... wait, I can't do that.  I have to open them all and make sure the exchange is one-for-one.  ..... Well, I'll just rewrap the bundle and be surprised on Christmas morning.  :P  


I'll send you all an IM with my mailing address. 



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