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I knew someday I was going to get a redwork quilt to quilt.  It has happened.  I have two quilts to do, one small, one large. I have a few questions. Do you know of a website I can go to to see some finished redwork  quilts?  Also, if you have done one (or more) can you give me some pointers?  She is putting them in a show.   I have said I won't do quilts for shows, but here I am with two to do.   The designs are fairly large with lots of flowers and trees.  I know I will have to quilt into the design. .  I would prefer to do as little as possible in the design, just enough to keep it in place and lay nicely.  The lady does beautiful hand embroidery.  Does anyone have a picture you could put on the forum or email to me?    Any tips will be greatly appreciated.   I am very much looking forward to doing these quilts. 

I have a quilt( for a soldier)  to post when I figure out how to get the picture on Flicker & the Forum. I asked on the Forum about stitching  ditch.  I have it done except finishing the border.  

 Thank you for your help. Janice

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For inspiration you can search Pinterest redwork quilts.

Or Google the exact quilt pattern for inspiration from all over.

And is it all red embroidery? You said flowers and trees so I'm thinking it's multi-colored?


Are the quilts just embroidered or do they include pieced blocks (like "Over the River" or the cute snowmen quilt)?

I've done several embroidered quilts and always use a thin (BottomLine or So Fine) thread to match the background. I stitch right on top of the embroidery and it's not visible unless you're nose is on the quilt. Once you have the embroidery outlined--you don't need to stitch on every line--you can decide what other elements need to be accented and also how densely stitched you want the background. Background fills can be as simple a crosshatching or a stipple. Or elaborate and pictorial--when obvious elements like snowdrifts or clouds are added.

If the blocks have large areas of background, they will need some stitching, especially since they are to be hung. That inevitable sag will happen if the backgrounds aren't nailed down some way.


Email me 

and I'll send you some photos, if you like.

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Can I just say that you have some beautiful quilts on your flicker pages? I will be visiting there again and again for inspiration. Do you have to pay for a flicker account or is that one of those free things that I need to learn about to keep quilt photos on?

Also, does anyone else have a flicker account they would be willing to let me know about to use for inspiration. Vicki did it by accident by putting it out there for Janice and I guess I sort of stole it but I hope you don't mind. Everyone on here is so giving I figured you would not.


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