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intelliquilter vs Quilt-EZ


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I'm in the process of buying a Millie and looking at computer systems.  I have ruled out Quilt-Path as it does not have no-sew zone and cannot do boarders on all 4 sides without turning the quilt.


Does anyone have experience with the Quilt-EZ? I have been told both are good but Quilt-EZ is about 1/2 the cost!  Ideally I would like to buy a used LA with the IQ, but if I have to buy it separate, spending about 6k more on the IQ is hard to swallow.





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My favorite thing about my IQ...I still have my table free for use as a cutting station when trimming the quilts. No cables in the way! And you can start with a lower price version of IQ and upgrade later just by paying the difference between the one you purchased and the upgrade you want to get. Free software upgrades for life and the service/support is practically 24/7 or as close to it as anyone can get. Most issues I've had have been addressed within the hour not by one person, but several.


Zoltan has assured buyers of the IQ that IQ will go on even when he is no longer involved, not like other systems that have come and gone. Those are the points about IQ that impressed me before buying and since.


Anyone who is thinking of buying a computer system should try them out whenever possible or at least check out their online videos. IQ has many videos! 


When mine was purchased, I could not arrange a time for installation or classes to use it, due to my mothers' illness, The videos and instructions are easily accessed online so I have not had any problems learning the software, and I installed mine myself. Patty, my dealer, was just a phone call or email away at all times. 


I am well satisfied that the choice to buy IQ was the best one for me.


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Doug the IQ on the Lenni I have for sale can be put on the larger machine easily if you are not interested in Lenni.  I will sale it separately but will not sell the Lenni first.


Hey it is a deal waiting to happen.  lol


Hope you make the right choice for YOU!




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