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I just received my Frozen quilt kit I ordered in Sept. from Keepsakes Quilting.  I plan on making it for my granddaughter for Christmas.  I will use the leftovers and some snowflake flannel fabric to make the great granddaughter a little quilt.  I bought the GO embroidery design for the snowflakes so I'll get those done on my embroidery machine.  As for quilting...I don't know yet so I'll be watching this thread.  My CL Ribbons board might be good for this one too because it has a "swirly" look to it.  Post pics friends please.


The all over Frozen fabric is for the back of the granddaughter's quilt.  It's so pretty in person.  Love the movie.



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Snowflakes would be so cute, but if you are like me, the snowflake designs are hard to execute without having a computerized system. I found a panto by Jessica Shick called "Swinging on a Star" that has a bit of a snowflake look and I think it might be easier to execute and more forgiving.


Flirtatious would also look nice.


So many choices!!

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post-10740-0-76811600-1415206922_thumb.jpgpost-10740-0-25267000-1415206937_thumb.jpgpost-10740-0-73928400-1415206948_thumb.jpgpost-10740-0-87399700-1415206959_thumb.jpgpost-10740-0-74340900-1415206970_thumb.jpghere's a few of my frozen quilts showing the Let It Snow E2E by Patricia Ritter ( ... we are doing them for a church ministry for underprivileged kids on their birthdays ...  Olaf is my favorite!  LOL!!! (I'm still pretty much a kid, too!)  Really do like my Millie and QuiltPath!

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"Flurry" is also a cute panto, with both snowflakes and swirls -- don't remember the designer.


The glow-in-the-dark thread is a big disappointment.  I did a Halloween quilt in this, & it dod not glow at all.  I  asked the manufacturer (Superior) about it, & they rep lien that it is really intended for embroidery, not long arm quilting, and that you have to use several layers to actually make it glow.  Wish they would have said that BEFORE purchase!  

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