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I am having problems with the tension on the backside of a quilt. Last night I started removing a row of stitching as it was too badly sewn (so loose that most is coming off easily). Loops showing on the back.

I re threaded Millie and there was improvement but I will get occasional loose stitches on top which usually means the back is off. When I get done removing the stitching, I will check for any built up lint, I can rethread from the cone, though I did this, added an extra wrap on the bar (not sure of terminology), double check the thread is seated in the tension discs completely.

But I have done that and it still is not correct.

This problem seems to happen with the Signature thread more than the So Fine.

Any other ideas are appreciated. This is a quilt for a customer and there are already issues from poor sewing, floppy borders, loose tension (I see a theme with this quilt). Someone gave her this Amish With a Twist II kit, her sister a fellow guild member is paying for the quilting and both have agreed that I should do my best as this was her first quilt and she would learn from it.

But we did not expect my thread problems. I am doing a Baptist Fan from Circle Lords and have tried to keep it slower incase that was adding to the problems.

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Are you using signature thread on the top and bottom? If you are, then try setting the tensions so that they are identical top and bottom. Start with loose on top and bottom and adjust the bottom first to get a good stitch on top of the quilt, then tighten the top until it is good on top and bottom. Jamie Wallen has a great video on youtube on how to set the tensions. Signature is a rough thread and sometimes it is hard to get it to pull into the quilt sandwich equally on top and bottom. My machine likes omni on top and bottomline on the bottom and it is run very loose on both top and bottom. Rarely, do I have tension problems unless the fabrics are tight batiks or the batting is thin. It's at those times, I have to tighten the top thread more than the bottom thread so it gets pulled into the center batting.


Something else to try with signature thread would be a silicon thread lubricate on the cone of thread or mineral oil if you don't have any lubricant. Sewers' aid is what I use on the cone. Let a few drops run in a line (3 or 4 lines) down the cone.

Good Luck,



Jackson, Ga.



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