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Embroidery Machine Needle Breaking

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I really need your help.  I have been using my embroidery machine to quilt a stippling design as part of the background of my quilt.  The problem is that the needles keep breaking.  I believe what is happening is that the nylon thread's tension increases to the point where the needle breaks.  Or, this might not be the problem.  Can anyone please help me.....

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Also be sure and loosen the tension, especially for the invisible nylon, both top and bottom.

Mostly the top..


I'd love to suggest you try the poly invisible if invisible is the nylon you are using and switch to a poly

thread if the nylon isn't invisible.. easier to work with, looks just as pretty and lasts quite well.

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Naturesgrandma:  Is it an embroidery pattern you're stitching, or are you free motioning?  What make and model machine are you using?  Typically the embroidery machines are recommended to use an 11/75 needle.  That's pretty thin for free motion.  Give us a little more info, and maybe we can help.  Jim

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