Precise Pantograph System

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Hi Everybody

This is my very first post - so here goes. I would very much like to buy the above system to help with my pantographs, I don't have a computerised system as I am not "in business" and only quilt for myself.  It seems like a great idea to be able to sit and quilt, and to be able to be more accurate.  I haven't seen too much about it on this chat forum and just wonder how much interest there is in it.!! I have tried to order it on the  "2sisters" website but it won't let me enter my details in the "Make/Model/Year" box. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  I have a (Blissed) Lenni and live in the UK

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Sue, there has actually been a lot of chat about the PPS on the forum.  Enter "Precise Pantograph System" in the search box (upper right corner of your screen), and you will get 5 or 6 results.  There should be plenty of info to help you decide, as well as the creator's APQS ID, which would enable you to send her a private message.


Good luck!


quilting with Emmeline, a 2011 Freedom SR

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Welcome to the forum, SueG,  glad to have you chime in.. we all love quilting most of the time, lol, and we Really like to see photo's even if you are just a beginner.. we have all been there..


A lot of the gals who are pro's,  don't have computerized systems, but even those who do say they benefit

with this device. 


Nope I'm not an owner, partner, or relative/friend of the designer..  I gain nothing from commenting about her PPP item.




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Hi there,

I see there is an error in the website... soooo sorry, Houston is still spinning from the updates and I surely did miss that one! Please contact me at

Trinity Burak • Meridian, Idaho • APQS Millie • CircleLord • "Precise" Pantograph System • • or




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