Whats your opinion of the new GO! Big Electric cutter?

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Shirley, you can only use Go! dies in the Go! Big. I have one on order and can't wait to get it - hopefully in the next week or so.  Since I teach piecing classes specializing in using the Go! mine is in constant use and I really give the Go! and the dies a workout. I'll report back when I get it. I love my Go! products and my also my AccuQuilt Studio.

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I think the new one can also use some larger (wider) dies made just for the new one but other than that, it uses the GO dies..not the studio...I think the website has some demo videos on it....I remember that the video showed you could use two of the smaller dies side by side to send through at the same time...still only recommended to cut six layers...I am thinking I may get one eventually....when my crank one wears out or when my old arm wears out....one advantage of the crank one is that you can take it to retreats or where ever without having to find a place to plug it in.....I needed 45 2.5 inch squares yesterday....and I have the die that cuts nine shapes at a time and it went so fast to cut those squares...I just pre cut my fabric into 5 eight inch squares....loaded the die and ran her through...done!  :)  Lin

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How enticing!!! I have the newer version of the Go! that is easier to turn and so far, so good. I'm not sure I would have paid $499 for the Go Big!  with it being that heavy -- storage was the issue for me in choosing it over the Studio, but I'm looking forward to hearing what others think about the new Go Big! (!!).

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