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Microdrive Handles

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I have a different machine than you (mine is a Nolting), but I recently just sold my Micro Drive Handles as I never used them. My Nolting's handles are adjustable and it may be that helps with my control. Or it could be that I'm just so uncoordinated (the most probable reason!!!) and couldn't get the hang of using the Micro Drive Handles. :P

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Thanks for all of the good advice.  My dealer found a set that I could borrow to try out.  I really think they'll be great.  I tried to SID a few blocks and what a difference.  Very good control!  I think it's the difference between having my hands vertical vs. horizontal.  I know it sounds strange, but it really makes a difference to me.

Does anyone have a set they don't use and would be willing to sell?


Thanks again!

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They are not something you will use every day, but I do use mine quite often. I love them for doing little detail or or want small movements. I use one handle of the micro drive while doing ruler work sometimes too. After quilting a lot in a day it is nice to put my hand in a different position. I also have quilt path and yes I still yes them.


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Hi everyone,  i am looking for a set of micro drive handles for a 2003 Millenium.  Do you know where i might find a used set?  I am in Canada and with the exchange rate being around 20 cents on a dollar I would like to keep the cost down as much as I can so that is why I don't want to buy new if I can help it.


Thanks in advance.

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