Magna glides tension issues

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Not to state the obvious but you did remove the little spring?  I switched over to my magna glides and forgot to do that and had a duh moment...then I would run a business card under the little finger to be sure there is no fluff hiding there...then if you have a tension guide I would make sure your bobbin is set to the right tension...if all else fails then yes I would order several to have on hand but go to a new bobbin case.  I have found lately that some of my magna glides seem to be unwinding on the sides about half way through the bobbin which I am not happy about....I am wondering if there were a few that were loosely could be you have several bad ones like I did....

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I'm wondering if it's the bobbins themselves now.

I'm going to switch to a different color on the next quilt and see if it still happens.


And, Vicki, always state the obvious cause you just never know.

But I did remove the thingy a long time ago when I started with theses bobbins.

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I was thinking it was just me.   I had just enough bobbins to finish this quilt,

and the last two bobbins were the pitts!!


They were the magna glides.. I threw them both out after trying 4-5 tries with each.


One was winding off the sides.. the other just had an attitude I didn't care to find out about.


Much less stressful to switch to Superior.


If the other Magna Glides act like these 2 did, I won't be ordering more.  In fact, with

needing 2 hearing aids and a new heat pack, I won't be ordering more.


Himself does real good at winding bobbins.  Guess I'll ask him to wind them as I need them.



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I have a couple bobbin cases just for the magnetic bobbins and a couple for the other prewounds.   I have had the magnetic ones not work right before.   I would take out the troublesome bobbin and put in a different one and usually all was OK.  Must be some glitch in their winding process.   I rarely use the Glides because they don't have as much thread on them.   I prefer the classics.    I am currently quilting my Snow Days quilt and using Invisifil top thread and their prewound bobbins as well.    I bought a package at a quilt show to trouble with them at all........very fine thread.  

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