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Getting started with Circle Lord - what to buy?

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I am seriously considering taking the plunge and getting started with the Circle Lord system.  For those of you who use it, what are your recommendations for the first things I should purchase?


Not sure if this makes a difference, but I am not in business, and quilt mostly for myself and charity quilts (school raffle quilts, Quilts For Kids, etc.). 


Looking forward to learning your favorites!

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Which machine do you have? I recently added a computer to my machine so I am selling my circle lord, boards and R&S boards. My post is down a few clicks on the forum. These really helped me do precision work while I was improving my freehand skills.


Julie, I actually saw your post and was sorely tempted.  The timing seemed like it might be a sign!  I have a Freedom, so your stuff should work for me.  However, since I know very little about using boards, other than that a lot of people love them, I thought that might be an awful lot for someone just getting started.

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Wow, what great information you are all offering me!  I will definitely check out the boards you have recommended.


I have noticed that many people, like Julie, have both Circle Lord and R&S boards.  Is this because of different patterns being available from each company?  Are the two systems interchangeable?  Pros and cons of each?

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Lots of people have both because the R&S boards are much less expensive and work just as well. You may need a different stylus but those are not expensive.


Betsy, I have received a message from someone who is interested in taking all of the boards but I will bring this back to the top of that doesn't work out.

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