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My niece asked me to make a quilt for a fund raiser for her unit which recently returned from Afghanistan.  She wanted to have a fund raiser before they were re-deployed.  She also requested a combat theme.  Oh boy, I was stumped.  But I finally came up with something that I think is going to work.  It's a simple carpenters star.  I used part of a 19 in round stencil for the white parts on the outside of the star. I added some feathers and cross hatching.  I essentially took a very simple pattern and made it as complex as I could.  You know it's a very fine line between "it needs to be special" and "was that really necessary".  This has two layers of batting, hobbs 80/20 on the bottom and hobbs wool on top.  It was the first time I tried those two together and I will definitely do that again.  Premosoft thread on the top and magna glide bobbins.  I just finished this today.  My nieces' unit lost 3 people in Afghanistan so I hope this will help raise funds for those families.  There is just something about quilting for those that serve our country that is so fulfilling to me.  Here's a couple of pictures there's more detailed pics on my blog.





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What a stunning quilt and what a great tribute to the military. And outstanding quilting--so beautiful! It should raise a lot of money for a worthy cause.

It's wonderful that you have both male and female figures are depicted in the center, reminding us that daughters and mothers are volunteering to go into harm's way, as well as sons and fathers. It makes me teary and I know your niece will be so appreciative. 

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Your work is gorgeous, your soul bountiful and the you have the spirit of an angel.  I think your niece and everyone who sees this will fall in love with your work and see the love and prayers you put into this quilt,  just as APQS family has. 


 I would like to donate to the fund raiser, send me an email or post information here.  


May God Bless and protect each and everyone of our soldiers from harm daily as they protect us so that we may have Freedom.  I know the sacrifice them and their families have give.

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