Another border-of-the-month quilt---customer original pattern

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Last year my Guild challenge was assembling a quilt medallion-style with a center focus block and then a new border for each of nine months. I've happily quilted several of them but this one is special.


My friend used one paper-pieced star from a Mariner's Star pattern book and built the rest of the quilt around that. She calculated the border sizes, kept the proportions of the spacer borders balanced and graceful, drafted her own checkerboard-style border using rectangles, and drafted the smaller half and three-quarter stars in the outer border. Her colors are lovely and her piecing is precise. I keep telling her she needs to make a pattern to sell. I love that the medallion edge and the final star border have a scalloped look because her fabric colors blended so well.


Quilted with miles of SID with Essence invisible thread, a variegated blues/greens Madiera poly, and silver-gray So Fine. Scrolls, my own sashing design (page 21 of "the book"), some micro work, and piano keys for a frame. It has 100% cotton batting and a beautiful white-on-white backer that shows the quilting so well.


Flickr link below with three more detail shots when you arrow right. Thanks for looking! Let me know if I need to encourage her more to write up the pattern!



Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided


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It is so pretty.  If your friend decides to put out the pattern I will definitely purchase it.  It would look great in our little blue bedroom

8259635bf834a637a7febcce54170daf.png Sweet T's Custom Quilting Finley, TN  (731)-445-6411 sweet_t_quilting@yahoo.com




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