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Circlelord Pushbutton System Sale


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There is 20% off the purchase of the Pushbutton System


The Pushbutton System is reg. US$169.00 and the 2 diagonal boards for crosshatching are:


18" for full size machines $279.00 before discount

14" for mid size machines $259.00 before discount


For those of you that do not have the CL stylus set, it is $69.00 - no discount


Go to   http://pbtwocrosshatchtemps.blogspot.ca for more information


All boards are on sale at:


1 set  less 5%

2 sets less 10%

3 sets less 15%


Go to http://circlelordindex.blogspot.ca for more information


Email loricles@loriclesquilting.com  for a quote


or call toll free  866 510 6060 


Ask about our payment plan


Sale ends December 14th


Prices will be going up January 1st.


Merry Christmas,

Michael and Kat

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Teresa, all the pushbutton system does is raise and lower the stylus in the back so you don't have to keep running back and forth.  You have to have the CL Stylus.  In my case, I sit in front and use all my CL boards so this really helps me.  Using the system with the boards from the front is a little hard to do and definitely has a learning curve.  I have to be able to sit so I've managed it.  It's almost like driving blind, but remembering where the turns are...lol.  I found that if I just go slow enough the stylus guides me along and after a little bit you get a feeling for where it needs to go so you tend to zip along..

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Like Oma says! Also, I've found that if I do one row from the back of the machine, I can go to the front of the machine and finish the quilt as that one row gives me something to look at to know where I'm at on the pattern board in case I can't figure out if I need to go left, right, up, or down when the stylus hits the path's end. Sometimes I get confused but that's why I've only tried it on some of the simpler boards.

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