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Santa really does exist !!!!

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Well, it seems there is a Santa Claus after all..........I am going to get "BLISSED" after the first of the year.   Will make an appointment to go visit with the APQS people in Des Moines about details........I have a 2010 Millennium with a 14' table, and plan on downsizing my table to a 12'.   I have room for the 14' now, but looking into the future and possibly downsizing in our home, I will change to the shorter table now while they are here upgrading to Bliss.  


Can't wait !

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wish mine was fully installed

I got the table and every thing installed and went to plug in the stitch regulator...would not fit or reach for that fact so now am waiting for the right connector...Bummer so on went the old wheels till the cord comes in. Oh well I am this close :wacko:



UGH!   What a bummer !   I am going to have them come and install mine.   I am fortunate to live close enough to Des Moines.   My DH HATES putting things together and it is worth the extra$$ to save my marriage.   :D  :D  :D  :D

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