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Question for the Experts: Auto advance and the front brake

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So as I play with my new Millie (bliss and auto fabric advance) I notice that the fabric attached to the backing roller (I'm floating the batting and top on this quilt) does not stay taught.  I have checked the brake, and I feel it's working the way I expect, but as I quilt, the fabric gets more and more slack and I have to tighten and re-brake the backing roller.  I'm leaning on the bar a little when I micro-stipple.  But otherwise using normally.


I've finished three quilts and a couple smaller projects, and didn't notice this until now, or it wasn't a problem earlier.  Still learning and had so much to catch up on, I'm kind of blazing through things.  


I'm new at this equipment.  Is this right?  My mid arm had individual locks on each roller bar and stayed good and taught once set.  Does my brake need to be tightened?  If so, how?  Should I call tech?


Curious if I just need to get used to the extra play in the fabric with this new and otherwise awesome equipment!!!

Thank you in advance for any feedback or ideas.



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Hi Beth. You can adjust the bolt under the brake so when you depress the brake lever it will be tighter. With the brake lever loosened (upright) turn the bolt slightly tighter. Don't tighten all the way. Press the lever down and see if it's tight enough for you. Adjust until it's the way you want. With large tops, especially those with thick batting like wool, it's more likely that the roller will slip a bit even with the brake set. That's when you'll need to tighten it a bit more. Another thing to watch for is not to advance the quilt with the brake on. That will cause the liner inside the brake to bunch and eventually need to be replaced.


An "old longarmer" trick for when there is slack on one side or when you need a tighter hold on the quilt sandwich for intricate work or SID---tuck a piece of batting or a clean towel up under the front roller, in the space between the backer and the roller. That will tighten the quilt just in that spot and allow precise stitching. Remove the towel when you advance, otherwise you'll wonder how you rolled up the cat up in your quilt!  :P

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She is Traci.  I've been wondering if anyone else would realize this, or only me.   :) I love Y&R, I've been watching it since it first came on the air way back when, and I'm so glad to be seeing more of Traci now.  And I'm doubly excited to find that she is a quilter!!!


I was about to answer the brake question, but I see that it has been well-answered already!  It's an easy fix.

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Haha!  I guess I'm busted.  Did the drama queen thing give me away.  ;)  Thank you all for your very clear instructions and help with this!  Problem solved!!  I clicked around here for months before I bought my Millie, and I have to say, the help and sister/brother hood here was a large part of the decision!!  Thank you all so much, and Happy Holidays!!!  Beth

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