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Which Circlelord board to use on this Quilt - help please

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I'm wondering which of my CircleLord boards I should use on the attached Seahawks quilt - for those of you who don't live in Seattle this is the 12th man quilt for the Seahawks football team.    I'm not good enough to do custom on this so was hoping one of the following boards would work for this quilt.  I have the Swirls, Egyptian Eye, Baptist Fan, Crosshatch and Lilly board.   Any help in deciding would be appreciated.  I suspect for those of you who use Circlelord boards this is a no brainer but for me it's not that easy.  


Oh, I've never used any of these boards before so this is something new for me.   Thanks....Mercedes


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Hi Mercedes. Invisible thread is perfect for this. It'll be invisible on every color fabric. I don't advise using it in the bobbin as well, but some quilters make it work.

If you use white for top thread, it will be great on the white but show up a lot on the rest. Any colored thread will be very obvious on the white. 

If you don't have invisible thread, the thinnest white or off-white would be my choice.

And since tension sometimes isn't your friend, use a light colored thread in the bobbin as well, for the white and the invisible. Better to have pokies on the backer than the top, so adjust your tension accordingly.

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