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First quilt of 2015--Jinny Beyer Lonestar

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Last quilt before we pack up the Millie for a trip to Iowa. Naturally, I had major problems and spent a day troubleshooting. We replaced the bobbin assembly and re-timed and she purred like a kitten. So I'm sending her back for a spa treatment with only one day of stitching with the new bobbin assembly---go figure!  :D

This quilt is 103" square and I think it was a kit. Lots of SID with invisible thread and outlining of the designs in the JB signature striped fabric. Feathers across the triple-border, in the setting triangles and the purple corners. CC's of course, in the diamonds of the star. Wool batting, twelve pre-wound bobbins, and five thread color changes. It was a challenge--ten days of stitching all told.

Arrow right for quilting details after the link. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year!



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Wow!Wow!Wow! Linda that is great. May I ask on your feathers in the triangles was that cc they way you showed in earlier tutorials? They look great



Thanks for the great remarks!


I think what you're referring to are hooked feathers, where the feathers are stitched from the spine, curve and touch the previous feather, and return to the spine with a slight offset. There are two strokes to stitch the feather. The triangle feathers are longarm feathers--spine marked and stitched, feathers down one side and then up the other. Then I stitched an echo to fill the space. That gives it the "double feather " look.


I learned how to mark and stitch feathers like this and also the running feathers in the triple border from Fancy Formal Feathers by Sherry Rogers-Harrison.

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