Machine stops about 2 seconds after starting

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My machine is having the same problem that it had about a year ago but, it is considerably worse this time.  When we quilt in either regular or SR mode, the machine will fun for about 2 second and then stop stitching.  Last time we had this problem, we changed a board (I think) and added something that was to help with errant currents and static electricity.  This appeared to help a little bit last time but, my husband decided that maybe we needed more humidity in the room so we bought a humidifer.  This seemed to help a bit more still but, now, the machine will only run for a couple of seconds before it stops.  We've been running the humidifier and keeping the room at about 70 degrees.  We had a couple of other boards replaced when we had a problem a few weeks ago.  We've checked the brushes in the motor, blew out the dust from the motor, checked all of the connections to make sure everything is plugged in correctly and tightly.  We've adjusted the encoder wheel and that didn't help anything either.  Please HELP!  :)


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