graduation gown for binding fabric?

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I am making a memory quilt for a friend.  She gave me two boxes of shirts to use, but I focused on the well worn t-shirts.  One thing that was in there was a high school graduation robe.  Could I cut this up and use it for the binding?  Based on a pattern search, There should be more than enough fabric in there for the binding.


Any thoughts?  Pros/Cons?




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I don't know about the graduation gown you have to work with but I have several from my children and I don't think they would be good candidates for binding.  First of all the shiny fabric is slippery and hard to work with, it frays and would not stand up to much use.  Maybe the gown you have to work with is much better quality.....but I wouldn't want to put all that work into a quilt and have the binding fail...:-(

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Beth,  I agree with the gals.    I also think it will look a lot better if you don't use it.


It is going to give a pretty cheap looking job when you are done.  I don't know if it would help to stabilize the gown,

but that won't help the slipperiness and still not look as rich as you'd like, plus it is going to cost more.

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I made some memory/t-shirt quilts with an assortment of fabrics.  I pieced some of the blocks with the slick, silky shirts and even a few pair of flimsy pajama pants because I was asked to use a piece of all the shirts/pants.  Here are an assortment of blocks on my design wall.  I also stabilized the other fabrics so they would handle like the t-shirts. 


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