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Yes that was my first choice of machines. I ordered it an was told that it was on order. Next thing the used gammill was sold to a different party. So I started looking at the APQS. I liked the forum of different questions and all the help you could get. So I started doing more research on APQS. I myself has to work but I do get back in a timely manner if possible. I am glad that you took the time to follow me and my search for a machine. Yes I did purchase the Millie. I am very excited and feel that I will have more support here then the other machine. Yes the machine is a 2009 with all the bells and whistles! I wanted to do the same with the one I was looking to buy from you. But did not want to wait and hope for a response. I am happy with what I now have. Things happen for a reason!! So I did move on. Have a great weekend!,

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