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Go to the Dollar Tree and ick up a pack of the school erasers.. many colors  but use to be only pink.


Use them to pull cut threads to the side where you can easily pick up the threads.  Pulls them right on out.

Gloves  I think they are Hemostat gloves or cotton cosmetic gloves all help, too.  the gloves, either kind

work better with just a minimal bit of moisture.



\Sigh!  I've done it ........................often.  lol  sob

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 I had to skin a whole quilt once. Thankfully, not a big one. I had the backing on completely upside down!  :huh:  Didn't realize it until I was finished! It was and A-B-C pattern. Took it off the frame after I skinned it; which took a day or more, then sprayed it with water and light starch; ironed it to within in an inch of it's life and you could not find the holes! Yippee! I used a scalpel from Famore. Make sure you have extra blades because they go dull pretty fast. And if you have to push too hard; well, the slice won't be pretty!

I originally took it off the frame, but soon learned it was easier to skin ON the frame.

My customer said she could not find any original holes either and gave me a nice tip! :D  :D

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