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My Millie is slowing wending her way home from a visit to Iowa. I haven't quilted since Jan 3rd. Did I have withdrawals? Yes. What have I been doing?---remember I retired recently so my time is now my own...

I cleaned the studio. That took a week and I brought so much cr*p into the sewing room in my house that now I need to clean that!

Made jewelry. I'm making vintage button earrings and rings to sell at my guild quilt show in October.

Felted a bunch of thrift store wool sweaters. Made two purses out of some of those felted sweaters. That was a blast!

Spent too much time on-line looking at quilts, art, fabric sites, FB and joined a couple of on-line quilty groups. Started actually posting on Facebook.

Put together a seven-part series of tutorials on fabric surface designs (think dyeing) for my guild and made the first samples.

I was glad to have some time to dabble in new crafts and revisit some old ones.


Thank goodness I filled my hours or else I might have had to do some house cleaning! Whew! Dodged that bullet!

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Love it!  I am always looking for something fun to do so I can avoid housework.  Felt good to get the studio cleaned, didn't it?  I like working in a clean space, but that's not always the case.  Sounds like you kept yourself pretty busy with some fun projects.  You will be so ready when your machine comes knocking on your door.  Enjoy!

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By the time I get my house cleaned it's time to start over. I took a break too, but not a restful one. But have a new grandchild yo show for it. Bad for the poor customer that had a quilt on my frame, she most definitely is getting a good discount. She has been very understanding.



Congratulations Shirley! New babies trump house cleaning and quilting!  :wub:

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Isn't it weird when you have some spare time and you have to question whether its clean or enjoy yourself? I don't get a lot of me time watching granddaughter and customer quilts but last week I got all caught up and nothing on the books so far which is strange feeling. I took 3 days and did some fun sewing I made a selvage edge purse which turned out pretty cute and finished an applique quilt I've had for years. It felt so good and I felt guilty today and plugged in the sweeper and yes I turned it on.LOL I'm back to the regular routine come Monday so fun time sewing is ending for awhile but man it was fun. Linda if your bored you can always come to my house and clean and organize the quilt studio ha ha .

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Sounds like you had a lot of fun.  Get those tops ready to quilt when Millie returns she will be ready to work!!!!


At our guild meeting this week a 1940's Singer artical was read; it said:

"Before Sewing you should have your house clean, clothes clean. ironed a put away; makeup and lipstick should always be kept fresh should anyone come over.  Make yourself beautiful for your husband for when he returns home.  And have dinner ready on the table."


Well, I thought all those ladies were going to die of laughter. Some of the cat calls: "Pajama's all day; get your own supper; the cloths are clean, pull out of the dryer when needed it; mopped/vaccumed when I feel like it; don;t bother me I'm sewing....."  It took over 5 mins to calm them down.

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LOL I can't go without cleaning.  I can go to a certain point and then it stresses me out.  On the good side it doesn't take long to clean since I do it often.  We've got our house on the market and that brings cleaning to a whole new level!  I'm tired of that level which is most definitely cutting into my quilting time!  We had a showing yesterday and another today.  Hoping one of them is "the one."  Glad to see you are having fun in your retirement and enjoying yourself!

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